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181. sleeve (mou) :: If you pick up one of these records and find the sleeve appealing theres a good chance that the music inside it will appeal too
182. slice (sny) :: If you slice the ball you should establish more generous limits
183. slide (skyfie) :: The steep asphalt path at the west end of the ruins of St Marys Abbey made a splendid toboggan slide and the invigorating pastime was thoroughly enjoyed
184. slight (effense) :: Taylor understands the idiom quite perfectly and he manages to bring a grandeur and nobility to the admittedly slight work
186. slip (strokie) :: Dear Capn Drew We keep our pontoon boat in a slip for three months during the summer on Lake Sunapee NH
187. slope (gradiƫnt) :: Statistical analysis for significant difference in the slope of mutant induction in the presence or absence of vanillin was performed using the ftest for comparison of slopes
188. slow (stadig) :: In our tests this printer was slow noisy and yielded the least impressive results even with the subtle photo cartridge in place
189. slowly (stadig) :: Either way the audience slowly becomes aware that it is in the presence of a madman
190. small (klein) :: He finished this speech in a small tone of voice that instantly mellowed my anger
193. smell (reuk) :: he can smell trouble long before it gets serious
194. smile (glimlag) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
195. smoke (rook) :: It showed the burning house with thick smoke all around it
197. smooth (gladde) :: The movements were smooth and the steps small the dancers always held their upper bodies regally
199. snake (slang) :: Although venomous snakes can sometimes deliver a dry bite without releasing their poison all bites require immediate hospital treatment
200. snow (sneeu) :: They are saying it will snow again tonight

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