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181. concentrate (konsentreer) :: Whats more the soy protein concentrate in these products provides valuable iron and fiber
182. concentration (konsentrasie) :: Once their main concentration had been on being able to be together but only now did the pair realize and understand how great happiness often came at a great price
183. concept (konsep) :: He has plans to promote his concept across all major metros of the country
184. concern (kommer) :: We will welcome your input on matters of concern to your community
185. concerned (bekommerd) :: People are rightly concerned about whether we are safe from attack
186. concerning (met betrekking tot) :: If the dealership was removed from the criminal world and placed in its own legal one there would be more respect for the law concerning other drugs
187. concert (konsert) :: they found direct evidence of concert of action
188. conclude (sluit) :: All of Edinburghs contract negotiations for the coming season have now been concluded bringing the squad to 27 players
189. conclusion (afsluiting) :: The success of this Convention depends on conclusion of such AGREEMENTS
190. concrete (konkrete) :: Brand awareness should be a stepping stone to more concrete action like opposing sweatshop labour but its not an end in itself
191. condition (toestand) :: As regards the second condition peaceful relations have indeed developed among the consolidated democracies of the West
192. conduct (gedrag) :: A similar timidity seems to have characterized the administrations conduct of military operations during the occupation
193. conference (konferensie) :: Upon release of this decision the parties may arrange to address costs either in person or by telephone conference call through the trial coordinator in Newmarket
194. confidence (vertroue) :: The drill improves execution strengthens rebounding ability and builds confidence
195. confident (vol vertroue) :: He was confident of winning with a stoppage and Im sure he would have done if hed had the chance
196. confine (beperk) :: A highly infectious disease it passes easily from sheep to sheep particularly when they are confined in a small space during housing periods of supplementary feeding or even in handling yards
197. confined (beperk) :: Is it just me or is stinking up confined public places with solvents a well a stinky thing to do
198. confirm (bevestig) :: Again testing can help confirm a diagnosis suspected on clinical grounds
199. conflict (konflik) :: This world is one in which there is a conflict between historical culture the impulses of the individual body and the intensities of inner experience
200. confront (konfronteer) :: Unlike their aikido counterparts judoka although engaged in a sport regularly confront opponents who resist in practice and competition

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