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182. army (weermag) :: He had joined the army as a drummer boy and had served in India before the outbreak of the First World War
183. around (rondom) :: In the center of its pool was an elevated statue of a cupid and around it was a circular green hedge
184. arrange (reël) :: He has performed as a soloist musical director and arranger worldwide
185. arrangement (reëling) :: arrangement of flowers
186. arrest (arresteer) :: In this case it is not suggested that Constable Bishops actions were justified by the appellants arrest on the outstanding warrant
187. arrival (aankoms) :: Her arrival was greeted by a heartwarming display of affection from the people of Edinburgh
188. arrive (kom) :: However if you struggle too much then you wont actually be able to achieve victory once you arrive
189. arrow (pyl) :: she fired an arrow at me
190. art (kuns) :: It would be nice to claim that it was the eternal pull of art and beauty that brought me to Rome thirteen years ago
191. article (artikel) :: Unlike stories written for newspapers and magazines articles on the Web stick around much longer
192. artificial (kunsmatige) :: He had his leg amputated and was fitted with an artificial limb
193. artist (kunstenaar) :: Local recording artist and singer Michael English who is a past pupil was guest speaker and award presenter
194. artistic (artistieke) :: You have a deep artistic and creative side which shows through a love for music and literature
195. ashamed (skaam) :: I will admit to smoking the odd joint and I am not embarrassed or ashamed of it
196. aside (ter syde) :: She mentally pushed the pain aside and stood slowly
197. aside from (Afgesien van) ::
198. ask (vra) :: is a good question to ask and the answer tells us something important
199. asleep (slaap) :: I fell asleep on the train from Victoria to Brighton the other evening

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