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Swimwear - (swemklere) :: You can match your swimwear with your skirts for new looks as you go from the beach to the bar for a drink

Dice - (dice) :: He is a simpleton and he loves a game of dice

Green - (groen) :: They were green pilots and didnt have a lick over two months of training

Mudguard - (modderskerm) :: All mountain bikes without mudguards lights or bells would be deemed to be offroad vehicles and as such would not be permitted on public highways or more particularly pavements

Peaceful - (vreedsame) :: In short it rules out anything that would disturb peaceful trade among individuals


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Mine - (myn) :: More would teach you how to mine for minerals smelt metals process the raw supplies

Mineral - (minerale) :: The countrys lack of mineral resources weak colonial institutions and early cultivation of coffee allowed stable democratic foundations to form

Ministry - (bediening) :: But the most important result is that in a divided Church ministry is not efficacious


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Jaunt - (Horde) :: Ed Stewart Radio 2 Disc Jockey has been jaunting off to Pattaya to play golf

Jeopardize - (gevaar) :: They seriously risk jeopardizing their careers if they attempt to work purely in the intelligence field

Jibe - (gijpen) :: some cynics in the media might jibe


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Beguile (verlei) :: The answer is that he was beguiled into thinking about language and the world in terms of a particular model

Mummy (mummie) :: I learn that one ice cream ingredient locust bean gum was used in ancient Egypt to seal the wrappings on mummies

Kitten (katjie) :: Usually lynx roam a mile or two a day but when the females prepare to have kittens they zero in on a small area as they choose a den aiming to hole up for a while

Movable (roerende) :: During the long years of freedom from foreign war after 1214 the tax on movables remained an occasional resource of the Crown

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