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Landslide - (grondverskuiwing) :: Nicola found herself dodging death as she made her way down Dooncarton Mountain with the landslides tumbling down either side of her

Unilateralism - (eensydigheid) :: At the same time the impetus for a shift to more unilateralist and belligerent policies had been accumulating for decades

Voodoo - (voodoo) :: Two autobiographical pieces from that time interpreted the illness through voodoo imagery and he believes produced a cure

Ballot - (stembrief) :: Britains firefighters voted to hold a ballot for strike action today

Bilateral - (bilaterale) :: In three instances the muscle was bilateral and in one on the left side only


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Cable - (kabel) :: And even though we have cable we watch all the Spanish language channels to entertain us and inform us about whats going on in the world

Cake - (koek) :: Its a lamb filet stuffed with a veal mixture and a side of layered bacon potato foie gras and cabbage in the shape of a cake

Calculate - (bereken) :: To ensure the runway is long enough always calculate the acceleratestop distance

Calculation - (berekening) :: You could hear the whirr and hum of political calculation the internal hedging of bets

Call - (oproep) :: I distinctly heard you call


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Inviolable - (onherroeplik) :: To achieve that end we all need to tell each other and indeed to convince our own selves that the Quran is the inviolable and unalterable word of Allah

Irascible - (driftig) :: Two hours later they discovered the best bar in Faro was a barge docked on the banks of the town where they parlayed for fuel and pinga with the irascible owner Antonio

Irksome - (lastig) :: I wish every permissible measure to be taken that can relieve your internment of its irksomeness

Ironclad - (gepantserd) :: The 13 million ship which has been named Research Vessel Triton is said to represent the most radical step forward in warship design since the introduction of the ironclads


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Probe (ondersoek) :: he began to probe into Donalds whereabouts

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Adjective :: onbelangrik, potjie, gewig, swak, , opdringerige, uitgesproke, hardkoppig, opdringerig, vreemd, onwrikbare, dring, geteister, taai, aanhoudend, hard koppig, selfgeldend, hardnekkige
Meaning :: opdringerige,
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