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Boredom - (verveling) :: Drew fought really really hard to not roll her eyes in frustrated boredom

Loathsome - (walglike) :: Why do most of Haggiss characters act as loathsomely as they do

Able - (staat) :: to be able to pay for sth

Bored - (verveeld) :: They all took a shaky breath then started chanting some sort of incomprehensible song with the bored rushed tones of someone who has performed said song many times before

Dozy - (slaperig) :: Further study might usefully consider a correlation between the constant sending of pesky emails and doziness lethargy and the inability to focus


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Again - (weer) :: so again well pay for the mess

Against - (teen) :: clubs play against each other

Age - (ouderdom) :: Imagine youre over 60 years of age and a squatter living in the largest slum in Kenya

Aged - (bejaardes) :: Defenders of the president have suggested that the documents may have been made recently with a computer or word processor and then copied many times to give them an aged appearance


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Plumb - (Plumb) :: He traces a line in white paint along the wall beyond the leaves then drops a plumb from a cord stretched between two metal poles posted on either side of the tree

Plummet - (skietlood) :: Kate fiddled with her seatbelt for a minute trying to work out exactly how the thin piece of blue material was supposed to save her life if the plane began to plummet twentyfive thousand feet towards the ground

Poignant - (aangrypende) :: It is a philosophical tearjerker a poignant romance for the intellectual set and a touching character study

Poised - (gereed) :: The elegantly dressed poised woman looked a bit odd wearing a red and white Santa hat but it really was cute


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Crumpet (plaat koek) :: Enjoy beautifully prepared cakes and pastries or a full afternoon tea with sandwiches toasted buttered crumpets and scones while you are transported back in time

Advantageous (voordelig) ::

Genial (gemoedelike) :: With a genial approach but a firm hand the galley is run with the efficiency of a five star restaurant

Certification (sertifisering) :: certification body

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