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Denature :
- denatureer

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(1) Raising the temperature will most likely denature the protein.(2) Heat stress can denature proteins, and the cell mobilizes chaperonins like a small army of physical therapists to twist everything back into its proper conformation.(3) Experimentally, urea and guanidinium chloride are widely used as denaturant agents, but it is still not clear by which molecular mechanism they denature proteins.(4) However, the change in the photovoltage amplitude was at least reversible, and it seems likely that the change was not due to some irreversible denaturation .(5) This damage may occur in response to anything that will cause protein denaturation including thermal stress, osmotic stress, and chemical damage.(6) This abuse of language mirrors the abuse which we make our existence: we have denatured it in removing from it any trace of the sacred, in our blind observance of the dictums of project and work.(7) When denaturation takes place, some of the physical and biological properties (but not the nutritional qualities) of the proteins are affected.(8) Use denatured alcohol to remove dried latex paint spills or drips.(9) I guess the tripe was what the cabbage was stuffed with; I don't know because everything was so denatured it had no flavour.(10) But SDA (specially denatured alcohol) is treated with denaturants which permit its use in a greater number of specialized arts and industries.(11) In all his fiction, rural black folk culture stands upon its own foundations, in some sense independent of and in opposition to an urbanized, industrialized, mechanistic, and denatured Western civilization.(12) In proteins, this process results in denaturation .(13) A car on one of the trains is also leaking denatured alcohol, which of course, is extremely dangerous.(14) His colour gets disembodied or denatured in these pictures, but much of its life, as found in his early water colours, issues out in the spirited passages in line.(15) A number of cars derailed, including one that began leaking denatured alcohol.(16) When food is cooked, some of its proteins become denatured .
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