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Scenario - (scenario) :: In the hands of a lesser writer such a scenario might have smacked drearily of one of those worthy social docudramas

Stereo - (stereo) :: The sounds are in stereo when gamers plug in a pair of headphones

Author - (skrywer) :: She authored many bestselling books including Forever Young Forever Healthy

Opus - (opus) :: The queen of hiphop soul returns with her latest opus No More Drama a welcome return to her older form


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Umbrella - (sambreel) :: umbrella name

Unable - (nie in staat) :: He was attacked by the media and speculation grew that he was unable to cope with crises

Unacceptable - (onaanvaarbaar) :: It shows that theres a lot of people who share our convictions about the unacceptability of violence against women

Uncertain - (onseker) :: The link between violent music and violent behaviour is an uncertain one

Uncle - (oom) :: She is survived by her father mother brother grandparents aunts uncles cousins and many friends


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Staunch - (stoere) :: As a headteacher she had loyal friends and staunch critics as she strove to give the girls of St Louises Comprehensive College a better start in life

Stereotype - (stereotipe) :: Leaving aside the gender stereotyping isnt this more than a bit ridiculous

Stevedore - (stuwadoor) :: The boys ducked past Mr Thomas as he roared orders to the stevedores on the dock below

Stickler - (voorstander) :: We dont know what Fred the boy was like going by his later life the young Fred may have been a stickler for detail very precise about his work and perhaps not one of the in crowd


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Garbage (vullis) :: Natalie tried to fish the bracelet out of the garbage and put it back together

Demigod (halfgod) :: Yet there is much moral decision making in the course of the film and how are actors to portray the moral decisions of demigods

Eviscerate (uithalen) :: It takes a lot of chutzpah to denounce the unhealthy influence of campaign contributions at the exact moment you are eviscerating the spirit of our campaign laws

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Verb :: ontplof, merk, veroordeel, haal uitmekaar, sleg praat, laster, , ontwikkel, verval, vervang, nietig verklaar, skaf, uit te wis, verhoed, donder, afgaan, vuur
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