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Poise - (houding) :: Clyde recovered their poise sufficiently to make their first concerted raid in seven minutes when Allan Grants cross forced McDonald to concede a corner at the far post

Sorry - (jammer) :: He let his eyes take in the sorry sight of the man and felt his anger recede a little

Toe - (toon) :: Site 863 is located at the toe of the landward trench slope above the subducted Chile Ridge just south of the Chile Triple Junction

Valiant - (dapper) :: He thought that he would be rewarded for valiant actions with a heros welcome when he returned to shore

High - (hoë) :: Lydon has much to offer but Woodward elevated him to high office incredibly early in his coaching career


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Contest - (wedstryd) :: His essay Our America sought to contest the cultural and linguistic destiny of America as a signifier

Context - (konteks) :: We are going to be able within a European context to be in a more positive position

Continent - (kontinent) :: This steep sided sea flows like a meeting place between the two continents of Africa and Asia

Continue - (aanhou) :: How will they be able to continue to insist on price cuts of medicines by more than nine per cent every year

Continuous - (deurlopende) :: A point on the block serves as guide for the repeat impression so that the design is continuous


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Clemency - (genade) :: He would however have the right to grant clemency to prisoners on federal death row which currently houses 29 men

Clientele - (kliënte) :: A facility such as this needs to build up a consistent and regular paying clientele while tapping into a good catchment area

Cloistered - (eensaam) :: The cloistered walkways of Cambridge Crematorium are dotted with granite plaques bearing the names of the dear departed

Cloture - (Cloture) :: Senate Republicans will press for a cloture vote tomorrow

Coalesce - (saamvloei) :: The shortduration ones are likely to come from the coalescence of compact objects like neutron stars or black holes


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Antechamber (voorportaal) :: She imagined silent antechambers heavy with Oriental tapestries lit by torches in lofty bronze sockets with two tall footmen in kneebreeches sleeping in large armchairs overcome by the heavy warmth of the stove

Immodest (onwelvoeglike) :: Without sounding immodest I have no trouble meeting men because I am quite regularly described as a real looker and easy on the eyes

Biretta (bonnet) :: In confusion Paul VI perched the wrong birettas on the wrong heads the American Lawrence Sheehans large biretta landed on Dantes small Italian head hanging down over his ears

Guillemot (Guillemot) :: Along thousands of miles of coastline you will see colonies of seabirds clustered in cliffs gannets puffins guillemots razorbills and kittiwakes

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Adjective :: rumatiese, afgejakkerd
Meaning :: rumatiese, Jig
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